Bolcsó-Dóra-Trilla: Art = Survival

2013 Jul 17 - 19:00
MAMŰ Galéria

Memories of the Srebenica Massacre
Bolcsó Bálint - live electronics
Dóra Attila - reeds, objects
Vasco Trilla - drums
Exhibiting artist: MEMBRANDT


The interaction between the MAMŰ- group and Membrandt dates back to the early nineties. As a result of frequent exhibiting throughout East Europe, especially in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

This solo exhibition in the MAMŰ Gallery presents self-portraits. Her technique is originated in the earliest years of her academic studies in the colour theory of Van Itten. The variants among black and white tones, creates a visual bridge to the digital world. The perceiving is interesting, how the focus of the eye, wanders both far and near, and blinks by the experience of sensation, by identifying the portraits. How fast can a thought, an idea vanish, and how down-to-earth is the act of painting itself. Membrandt is present in absence, seeking for strength in ART=SURVIVAL.

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